Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upcoming activities during Sept 11 holiday

Hey all,

the below are the upcoming activities for these coming holiday.

CSS Activities:
05 Sep: Inter-Polys Dinner cum Fellowship (Steamboat @ City Square Seoul Garden)
10 Sep: 1st Community Service (AMK Lion Befrienders) - Theme: Mooncake festival
24 Sep: 2nd Community Service (AMK Lion Befrienders)
08 Oct: 3rd Community Service (AMK Lion Befrienders)
22 Oct: 4th Community Service (Outing @ Mycofarm Mushroom)

**15/16/17 Sep: Post Mooncake festival (Wondering any of you interested having it on either one of these days?)

Other activities:
09 & 10 Sep: Walk on Water (WOW) production
10 Sep: Humanitarian Forum & Fair 2011

**Pls RSVP your attendance asap to Augustine Au(92376898) or myself(81266205). Feel free to approach us if there is any enquries.

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