Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can we recognise Jesus when he comes again?

In the Gospel today, Jesus warned us of false prophets who claims to be the "Second Coming". Now, are we prepared for the Second Coming, when Jesus really comes? How strong will our faith be, when Jesus comes? and will we be able to recognise Christ when he comes?

If we don't build that personal relationship with Jesus, if we don't consistently build our faith in God, if we are not strongly rooted in Christ, we can get lost easily and may not even recognise Christ when he comes again.

Today, during the Homily at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Fr. Kenson mentioned about two negative examples of Catholics:

1) Supermarket Catholics
2) Catholics for Convenience

Supermarket Catholics, Fr. Kenson said, are not true Catholics. They only choose what to believe in. They choose what is comfortable for them. If we are Catholics as we are called to be, we obey God, we listen to God, and the voice of God comes through the Church. Father then went on to ask everyone pick up a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and tells us that its teachings are very biblical.

For the second category, Catholics for Convenience, are Catholics who only choose to be Catholic when it's convenient for them.

Are we a Catholic, 24/7 ?