Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where is Jesus in our lives?

Everyone of us has a Vocation, a common Vocation, a universal Vocation and that is the Vocation to Holiness.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta told us that everyone of us are called to be Saints! It's a duty for you and me. But do not treat it like an obligation but do it out of love! We must never be afraid to be Holy and there's nothing wrong to be Holy. Only pride can stop us from being Holy for God.

Have we been a Jesus to others lately? We are all called to follow Jesus. Once, I was asked this question, "What do you think of when the name of Jesus is mentioned?" and I said, "I think of humility. The humble Jesus, who came, to serve." As followers of Christ, have we practiced enough humility? I always have this goal, which sometimes, I may forget about, and that is - that one day, when people look at me, they will think of Jesus, if they don't, then I need to work on improving my character, so that others may see the Jesus in me.

What exactly should be our priority? Often, we do not put Christ in the centre of our lives. We tend to focus on things so much that we forget the "Jesus Factor" in the things we do. We are all called to evangelisation, to be God's instrument in the salvation of souls.

Prima Lex Salus Animarum - The First Law is the Salvation of Souls

The Mission of all Christians is evangelisation and the best way to evangelise is to be a Jesus to others. If we want to save souls, there's no need to go to great lengths. When people around us witness the charitable, loving, humble character in us, they will want to be like us and of course it's because of Jesus. Conversion of Souls will take place.

Jesus tells us that he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Everyone of us, if not, many of us, has this inner desire to seek for Truth because we want to be satisfied by that truth. In that process of searching for truth, we often forget charity.

For myself, I used to be a "Liturgical Police" at mass, pointing our liturgical abuses committed by priests. But, "Aren't we supposed to concentrate in Mass and the most august sacrifice on the altar? We become obsessed with the wrong things.

What we don't realised is that Jesus has already told us that HE is the truth. With Jesus, comes everything else. In everything we do, think Jesus, be Jesus.

We often ironically condemn the Protestants for their: "I love you Jesus!" or "Praise Jesus! Praise the Lord!" That's what we are all supposed to do! And then we start to admire them for having a lot of members in their small groups. Why should we be surprised?

It's never too late to start having Jesus in all things, like Ignatius of Loyola's vision of finding God in all things!

Remember the common saying of, "What would Jesus do?" I've learnt that throughout the day, popping this question in our minds, help us to make better decisions and helps us in our relationship with the people around us.

Only in Jesus (through Mary), can we find the consolation that lasts.


  1. Hey Ranson, thanks for the sharing. Well said.

  2. Hey Ranson, this is beautiful. Don't mind me sharing it with my legion of mary. I'm suppose to do allucutio this sunday and I got nothing till I saw this. :P

  3. Sure! All for the greater glory of God! ;)