Sunday, June 13, 2010

BBQ Session

Hello dear brothers and sisters in Christ! Hope u guys are enjoying your holidays now. :)

Just to let you guys know there will be a bbq session on the 17th of June.Which is this coming thursday.

Location: Janice's place ( Somewhere in CCK)
Meeting place: Keat Hong Control station (LRT)
Purpose:Bonding session
BBQ time start:5 to 5.30pm
Estimated time end:10pm
Attire: Anything.lol. If u guys want swim or what just bring extra clothes) :)
Price: Keep in view (Maybe ard 10 to 15 dollars)

Hope u guys would come! Especially freshies, its a good time to have fun,relax and get to know one another more! Hope to see u guys soon! :)

Any questions feel free to contact any of the ex-co members or leave a message at the tagboard. :)

God bless u!

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