Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vocation Sunday

4th Sunday of Easter(Vocation Sunday)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today, we celebrate vocation sunday. And as the name goes, the homily is about vocation. In mine parish, Fr JJ Fenelon relates to the recent child sexual abuse scandals going on recently in the church. The pope has been accused by many, and some even wanted to have him arrested. Even our holy father is not spared. However, the church has not fallen nor has it given way to the works of devil. For the past 2000 years of history, there are scandals and allegations about the church but we have not fallen. Why? Because our founder which is Jesus Christ himself, has protected us from all evil. And we would not fall, now or even in the future. If the church was founded by some man, it would have fallen sooner or later. Even though, only some priests are involved in the scandal, the media has make it as if every priests are involved.

Right now, we should pray for vocations because we are seriously lacking priests. Our kampung in punggol(Saint Francis Xavier Major Seminary) has only nine seminarians studying in it. Imagine such a big school with only nine students! I am sure God would call young men and women to take up the challenge of a religious life but not all would accept it.. A priest administer the sacraments to God's people. And think about it, we pay for lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc for their services to us. But we nener pay a single cent to priests who counsel us, who celebrate the mass for us, who helps out in the various church ministries etc. To me, all priests are heroes who sacrifice their all for God.

So let us pray for more vocations!

"Without priests, there would be no eucharist. Without the eucharist, there would be no priests." Archbishop Nicholas Chia


A video to sum things up. =)

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